Food: 5/16- 5/23


Breakfast- cookies and milk

Lunch- leftover chicken fried rice

Supper- whole wheat spaghetti with meatballs and Parmesan


Breakfast- bacon and fruit

Lunch- leftover spaghetti, fruit, cookies

Supper- Hawaiian chicken with broccoli


Breakfast- sausage links, fried eggs, fruit

Lunch- loaded baked potato quiche

Supper- Wedding!


Breakfast- Greek yogurt pancakes with maple syrup and peach smoothies

Lunch- leftover quiche with canned tomato soup

Supper- honey mustard pork chops, green beans, corn on the cob


Breakfast- bacon, egg, and cheese on whole wheat sandwich thins

Lunch- tuna salad, fruit, tortilla chips

Supper- steakfingers fried in coconut oil, fried corn bread, salad, deviled eggs


Breakfast- sausage, egg, and cheese on whole wheat sandwich thins

Lunch- leftover steak fingers with baked potato

Supper- taco salad with peppers and onions


Breakfast- sausage and fried eggs

Lunch- tuna salad

Supper- baked Parmesan chicken with brown rice and broccoli


Breakfast- sausage links and eggs with fruit

Lunch- leftover baked chicken on salad with boiled eggs


popcorn, real food chocolate no-bake bars, (make ahead and freeze) green smoothies, cucumber sandwiches, carrots and ranch, peach smoothies, turkey bacon, fruit



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