Dry Tortugas Trip the Third


Picturesque Truman Annex district in Key West


Fort Zachary Taylor State Park in Key West, the perfect precursor to the beauty to come


Michael Ryan’s first trip to his parents’ beloved Dry Tortugas State Park


Cody and his friend Matt who joined us this year, along with my in-laws


We had a pelican problem this year. Every time they guys hooked a fish, one of these goofy birds would swoop in and swallow it, hook and all, before they could get it reeled in. 


Pretty perfect palm tree


Impromptu maternity pics at twenty weeks.



Not looking too bad for a pregnant lady camping close to the equator.


My darling husband


Huge hermit crabs that came in hoards as soon as we fired up the grill.


That’s the moon, y’all.


Nice silhouette shot


It takes a pretty big fish to bend a rod like that. In this case, it was a 70-ish pound Goliath Grouper that easily won the battle. Go here to view a webcam placed underneath the dock we were fishing on.


Neighboring Loggerhead Key


Sweet baby boy hung in there through all my hotdog eating, fort climbing, snorkeling, and tent sleeping.





After two nights on a Thermarest and no hot shower, I was looking a lot rougher (and rounder) than I actually felt.


Lighthouse atop Fort Jefferson


Free bird photo-op back in Key West



Cody and his dad are already planning an all-boys trip next spring. Although I would love to go again myself and take Michael Ryan, I sincerely want my husband and several of his male family members to experience some serious sub-tropical male bonding on this beautiful island. Right now, the only big family adventure in the works is Michael Ryan’s birth in September. I’m hoping to squeeze in our annual New Years trip for our fourth anniversary at the end of December (with our baby boy, of course), maybe to close-by Smokey Mountains NP. After the guys’ trip in the spring, we’re thinking about heading west in late Summer 2014 to either Yellowstone, Glacier, or California (Yosemite/ Redwoods/ Channel Islands).

The only big adventure that consumes my thoughts at the moment is the squirming little person in my belly and our big plans for bringing him into the world.


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