Michael Ryan Winningham

Michael Ryan


Last Saturday, we saw our wiggle-worm baby boy for the very first time. What an amazing thing, to see what’s been squirming and rolling inside my belly for the past month or so. To see his eyes, his little toes, his strong heart, his tiny hands reaching towards his mouth. I have a precious friend who is a sanographer at a hospital about forty-five minutes away. She hooked us up with a late night ultrasound complete with several pictures, a dvd of the thirty minute scan (that I’ve watched at least ten times since), and a print out of all his statistics to take to my midwife next month. According to the ultrasound machine, Michael Ryan weighs approximately eight ounces. Most of his measurements were about a week ahead, which corresponds to my fundal height measurement at my last appointment and my feeling his movements so early. My friend did notice that my placenta is located a tad low. Prayers, please, that this isn’t a big deal and doesn’t affect our baby boy or me.

It is hard to believe that we are half-way to meeting our baby boy!


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