Food 4/11- 4/18

Honestly, things are tight around here. A vacation (sans vacation days) and baby-related expenses are quickly approaching and I’m doing all I can to keep from dipping into savings. Frugal shopping and cheap meals, even if they aren’t quite as Paleo and protein-packed as I want, is helping squeeze whatever I can from our grocery budget. $73.00 out of $100.00 this week left a little for chicken feed (they’re really putting it down now) and fertilizer for our garden planting this weekend.


Supper- at Tricia’s


Breakfast- bacon and eggs

Lunch- tuna salad on sandwich thins

Supper- homemade chicken nuggets with baked potatoes and baked beans


Breakfast- blueberry muffins

Lunch- salad with boiled eggs and leftover nuggets

Supper- fried pork chops with broccoli and cauliflower, canned corn


Breakfast- blueberry muffins (if there are any left over) or homemade biscuits with honey

Lunch- grilled Dale’s chicken fingers with green beans

Supper- pinto beans with ham, corn bread


Breakfast- bacon and eggs

Lunch- leftover beans, cornbread, and chicken

Supper- bbq baked chicken with mashed potatoes and English peas


Breakfast- omelette with ham and cheese

Lunch- leftovers

Supper- spaghetti with whole wheat noodles, meat sauce, and parmesan


Breakfast- bacon and eggs

Lunch- leftover spaghetti

Supper- something with hamburger meat


homemade oatmeal raisin cookies


Greek yogurt





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