Food 4/4- 4/11


Breakfast- paleo breakfast cups with peppers

Lunch- out or sandwiches- bring to Cody’s work

Supper- parmesan chicken roll-ups with steamed broccoli and cauliflower cheese sticks with sauce


Breakfast- bacon, fried eggs, fruit

Lunch- leftover roll-ups on salad

Supper- fried pork chops with German noodles and sautéed green beans


Breakfast- scones and sausage balls with maple syrup

Lunch- tuna salad sandwiches on German bread with pickles and fruit

Supper- out to eat- Find out gender!


Breakfast- sausage balls warmed-up with maple syrup, eggs and fruit

Lunch- Quizno’s (set aside money and look for coupon)

Supper- grill-out hamburgers and hot dogs w/ chips


Breakfast- bacon and eggs

Lunch- leftover hamburger with small salad and baked potato

Supper- grilled Dale’s chicken with mashed potatoes and English peas


Breakfast- bacon and fruit

Lunch- leftovers

Supper- taco meat with peppers and onions on lettuce, salsa and chips


Breakfast- sausage balls and warmed-up scones with maple syrup

Lunch- leftover taco salad

Supper- tomatoes, corn, and okra with chicken over cornbread


  • Texas caviar with chips and chicken
  • Fruit
  • yogurt
  • Peanut butter and honey on bread
  • Cheese and grapes
  • Cheese with nuts and honey
  • turkey bacon

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