To Our Baby

April 2, 2012

Baby Winningham (this might be the last time I call you that!),

Your Daddy was saved last night. Praise the Lord! Your mama has been praying for this for many years. Out of the blue, your Daddy’s life has changed.

How blessed I am to have a precious, Christian husband to help me bring you into this world and raise you for the glory of God. Your Daddy didn’t have parents who showed him Jesus, taught him the Bible, or took him to church. I, shamefully, did not make my faith a priority when we were dating and at the beginning of our marriage. That was a terrible mistake on my behalf and one I feared would also affect you.

I am so thankful that God intervened and cause your Daddy to reach out to Him before you are born. I now have the assurance that if I were to die, you will be raised by a Christian father and a wonderful, loving man.

We get to see you for the first time on Saturday! Daughter or son, our hearts are bursting will love for you already.

– Your Mama


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