Food 3/23- 3/27

Monday brought a quick, wild storm that toppled tall skinny pines as I watched through our bedroom window. Luckily, we nor any of our neighbors sustained major damage. Still, fallen trees lined our road and power lines draped a little too loosely from house to poll and created a web to maneuver our cars through. We were without power from around 4:30 p.m on Monday until Friday around lunch. We’re still without cable and internet services. In fact, the line is still wrapped around our mail box. We stayed at home without power the first night, but the next two were a little too chilly. Cody’s parents welcomed us for supper each night and my parents allowed us to use their hot water and extra bedroom. What a blessing family is.  

Four days without power meant a sparkling clean, Pinterest-inspired (but empty) fridge. I’ll have to post a before and after picture later. The transformation was amazing, if a little embarrassing that we’re that gross.

Anyways, I didn’t get around to grocery shopping until yesterday. We’ve got another big trip coming up, so I’m trying to skimp and stretch as much as possible.  Here’s the menu:


Breakfast- bacon and eggs

Lunch- birthday party

Supper- leftover vegetable soup with cornbread


Breakfast- bacon and eggs

Lunch- egg salad with pickles

Supper- salmon patties with cocktail, rice, and English peas


Breakfast- sausage links with fruit

Lunch- leftover salmon patties with small salad and fruit

Supper- baked chicken breasts with mashed potatoes and brocolli


Breakfast- bacon and strawberries

Lunch- leftover chicken with salad

Supper- honey mustard country-style ribs with onions, baked potato, green beans


Breakfast- sausage links and cheesy eggs

Lunch- tuna salad

Supper- eat with Tricia or out


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