Food (forgotten title)

One of our food downfalls every week is snacks, especially if I skip a trip to my beloved Aldi and find our fresh fruit stockpile depleted. I always have good snack intentions but never get around to making the recipes or forego buying the ingredients to save a couple of dollars (that I’ll undoubtedly spend anyways at a trip to the convenient store or Starbucks). My goal this week is to prepare several snacks Thursday evening and divide them into portions to grab for myself or stick in Cody’s lunches.

Another thing I’ve been thinking about recently is stockpiling food (a post on which is coming very soon). I made a simple scone recipe with blueberries a few weeks ago (via Martha Stewart) and Cody won’t stop bugging me about them 🙂 Not only are they super easy, they freeze really well when wrapped in plastic wrap. I plan to make giant batches of these in a few months when all the fresh strawberries and peaches come in so that Cody will have a quick breakfast on mornings when baby and I want to sleep late. I’ve made them with both unbleached white flour and wheat flour (which we only use in moderation) and he’s been pleased with both as long as they’re drizzled with a generous dollop of homemade cream cheese icing.


Breakfast- frozen scones with cream cheese drizzle, scrambled eggs

Lunch- out

Supper- leftover Dreamland ribs and chicken


Breakfast- bacon and eggs with fruit

Lunch- tuna salad

Supper- Lemon Garlic Shrimp with Cauliflower Mash and Japanese Pound Cake


Breakfast- leftover pound cake with fruit and whipped cream

Lunch- egg salad or leftovers

Supper- NY strips with baked potatoes and salad (Matt coming over)


Breakfast- fresh fruit scones with whipped cream and cream cheese drizzle

Lunch- out

Supper- BBQ baked chicken thighs with green beans, deviled eggs, and brown rice


Breakfast- leftover scones with whipped cream and fruit

Lunch- leftovers

Supper- steakfingers with pinto beans and corn


Breakfast- bacon and eggs with fruit

Lunch- leftovers

Supper- honey mustard pork chops with frozen broccoli and creamed potatoes


Breakfast- frozen scones with fruit or eggs

Lunch- leftovers

Supper- Tricia or out


Grain-free, sugar-free cookie dough dip with apples, grapes, bananas, refrigerator oatmeal, Greek yogurt ranch dip with veggies and pretzels, coconut crack (some dipped in chocolate), applesauce


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