Thumpity Thump

midwife 1

I had my first official prenatal appointment today. A full hour. Much conversation. Much information. Much laughter. A teeny tiny heartbeat. Wonderful.

Although I do not have any prior OB/GYN prenatal experience to compare this with, I’ve had my fair share of cold exam tables, pap smears, and long walks down corridors of exam rooms at the gynecologist office. Let me tell you, there is no comparison. I had blood work done (at a lab a few miles away), pee-ed in a cup, had my blood pressure and pulse taken, and a thorough medical history review; however, it was in a warm, inviting living room, there were no other clients there, and I was given loads of information. We chatted about what I’ve been eating, how I like to stay active, the fun story about us being in Paris when we found out we were expecting, the two births that occurred there over the weekend, and how she intends to make at least one visit to our home (yeah, that’s right, a house call) within three days of our baby’s arrival. At the end, she gellied-up my lower belly and wiggled around an old-fashioned doppler until we finally heard a tiny thumpity-thump-thump.

Official due date is September 10th, although I was told to expect to go a little later as a first-time mother. Another appointment in a month.


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