Food 2/21-2/27

Winn Dixie is doing another five for twenty dollars deal. I plan to get four Hormel plain pork roasts and one cooked shrip ring with cocktail. If I can stratch up an extra twenty, I might get another five roasts for the freezer.


Supper- gumbo with chicken and shrimp, brown rice


Breakfast- bacon and eggs

Lunch- leftovers with leftover corn bread

Supper- Honey Chicken Kabobs with green beans


Breakfast- banana oatmeal cookies with strawberry butter

Lunch- veggie salad with added shrimp and whole wheat noodles

Supper- Cafe Rio Pork with cauliflower


Breakfast- cookies with strawberry butter and fruit

Lunch- Caden’s birthday party

Supper- chicken, spinach, and mozzerella quesadillas with salsa


Breakfast- bacon and eggs with fruit

Lunch- tuna salad (with leftover wrap)

Supper- sliced pork loin chops with english peas, roasted sweet potatoes, and deviled eggs


Breakfast- sausage links with fruit

Lunch- leftovers

Supper- quiche with spinach and feta, bacon, fruit


Breakfast- bacon and eggs

Lunch- tuna salad

Supper- Tricia

Snacks- spicy nuts, Greek yogurt with honey and fruit, homemade creamcicles, cinnamon and honey roasted chickpeas, dried strawberries, grapes and cheese



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