Food: 2/7- 2/13

Last week’s meal plan was pretty successful. I only deviated a few times and, thankfully, my mother-in-law fed Cody last night while I was in class, so we saved a meal there. I found one pound packs of ground turkey for $2.50 and Hormel pork tenderloins for $5.00 (!) at Winn Dixie about a month ago. I still have some stocked up in the freezer so I decided to make use of them this week since the $217.00 cell phone bill from our European coversation is due.


Supper-grilled Dale’s chicken strips, brown rice, broccoli, and baked pineapple


Breakfast-bacon and eggs

Lunch- leftover chicken on a salad with boiled eggs

Supper-grilled pork loin slices with Ms. Dash, baked potato/ sweet potato, peas


Breakfast- strawberries and whipped cream

Lunch- egg salad, tortilla chips, pickles, mandarin oranges

Supper- pinto beans, corn bread, corn on the cob


Breakfast- apple cinnamon oatmeal with fruit

Lunch-loaded baked potatoes with bacon

Supper- Italian chicken breasts with green beans and potatoes


Breakfast- sausage links and fruit

Lunch- leftovers

Supper- turkey meat sloppy joes with cheese, cauliflower, green beans


Breakfast- cereal with fruit

Lunch- tuna salad with tortilla chips, fruit

Supper- Philly cheesesteak stuffed baked potatoes


Breakfast- sausage links with fruit

Lunch- leftovers

Supper-eat with Tricia or out


coconut crack, oranges, bananas, yogurt with fruit, fruit with whipped cream, homemade oatmeal raisen cookies, cauliflower cheesesticks with pepperoni, homemade cake of some sort with cream cheese icing



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