Food: 1/31- 2/7

Every couple of weeks I’ll take the time to make a menu before I go grocery shopping. On those weeks, we typically eat tastier food and less junk, spend less on eating out, and roll through without any major pre-supper-time meltdowns on my part. Even when I do make a menu and corresponding grocery list, it usually ends up crumpled in my purse or lying on the kitchen counter. So, in an effort to get a little more organized in this new stage of life, I’m going to make an attempt to post a weekly menu here.

Although we’ve been almost exclusively Paleo for the past year (at least in regards to what I cook at home), the past few weeks have been a complete carb fest. I have been thinking about honey mustard flavor pretzels for the past forty-eight hours and guiltily went to Subway for lunch. So, lots of potatoes and beans are making an appearance in this week’s menu as an attempt to keep the bread away.

Also, I do my grocery shopping on Thursday afternoons to coincide with Cody’s mid-week payday and my class schedule. I’m an all-day snacker, so the lunches are what I plan to pack for Cody.


Supper- Chicken Taco Chili (with a few crackers)


Breakfast- bacon and eggs

Lunch- leftover Chicken Taco Chili w/ small salad and homemade dressing

Supper- Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers w/ cauliflower


Breakfast- sausage with fruit

Lunch- club meeting- make bacon wrapped cocktail weenies

Supper- Parmesan Chicken Roll-Ups w/ salad and green beans


Breakfast- sausage and egg scrambler or out

Lunch- midwife appointment

Supper- Super Bowl- make Taco Dip and Jalapeno Poppers


Breakfast- bacon and eggs

Lunch- tuna salad with lettuce, pickles, fruit, beef jerky

Supper- Garlic and Lemon Chicken Bake w/ Potatoes and Green Beans


Breakfast- sausage and eggs with fruit

Lunch- Cold Grilled Shrimp with super salad, boiled eggs, fruit

Supper- Steakfingers w/ baked potato and cheese, broccoli


Breakfast- fruit and sausage

Lunch- tuna salad with pickles and fruit

Supper- Roasted veggies and pork loin sliced and baked (prepare a.m.)


Breakfast- bacon and eggs

Lunch- leftover pork and veggies

Snacks: homemade berry gummies, chocolate-dipped and pecan-covered apple slices, homemade apple chips with cinnamon, peach ice cubes with tea, apple sauce, beef jerky, homemade ranch dip with broccoli and carrots, pickles


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