Eight weeks today and already feeling a little thicker in the middle. Not round, not necessarily even pregnant, just a subtle preparation for the expansion soon to come.

No, I do not plan to immediately begin wearing maternity clothes, accidentally making room for premature and unnecessary weight gain as I stuff my face for two; however, I do not want to walk around in jeans bordering on vulgar just because they still half-way zip or stretch-out my entire wardrobe and have nothing to wear after the baby is born.

That being said, I foresee a need for flowy tops and cute dresses within a month or so.

Cody has, I don’t know, twenty-five first cousins, many of whom are around our age and having babies left and right. One sweet cousin sent over a load of her maternity left-overs (she’s due with her third in about a month) for me to pick through tonight.

maternity 1

maternity 2

maternity 3

maternity 4

In total, I picked out seven tops, a pair of jeans, a pair of nice black trousers, a black skirt, another skirt, and seven tops… all for $20.00. Honestly, this should hold me through the summer. What a blessing! Some of the pieces are from Motherhood Maternity. I took a look in one of their stores a couple of weekends ago… I’ve never felt the desire to pay $30.00 for a shirt and I don’t foresee even the worst hormonal befuddlement changing that.


One thought on “Expansion

  1. Congrats! I am there with you. I am 14 weeks right now and had to pull out the maternity clothes when I woke up one morning and realized my jeans no longer fit! What a great reason for a wardrobe change 🙂 Praying this is an enjoyable pregnancy for you 🙂


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