The End Draws Near

The above title was just a fluke, the first thing that came to mind as I brainstormed a catchphrase for a post about the end of 2012. Its meanings are multiple, though, and quite poignant. The end of 2012 draws near, as does the end of the world according to an ancient, thus already “ended,” culture. But we must always keep in mind that the end is drawing nearer, every day. Today this world is closer to its final sunrise than it was yesterday, one sunset closer to its reversion to infinite darkness. These are comforting words to me. Comforting because I know that I am closer to seeing my Savior each day. This year has been difficult. I can’t imagine one any more so, although I’m sure there will be. As the end draws near, I thought I would reminisce a little about how I have changed in 2012.

I began this year bitter about my failure to find a job as a teacher and utterly fed up with graduate school. I (mostly) intended to begin law school this fall and was working in a lawyer’s office in the mean time. We were piling our money in savings with plans continuing to save for several years before paying (mostly) cash for a home.

Late spring and early summer of this year were transformative for me. Nothing in life is crystal clear, but I feel as if I am finally beginning adulthood in the role that was designed for me. My relationship with my husband is stronger and more fulfilling that I could have ever hoped for and the circumstances that we have been confronted with in 2012 have reaffirmed our thankfulness for each other.

I end 2012 as a homeowner, a thesis-writer (hopefully), and a self-employed freelance writer (a completely happenstance career).We bought a car (ugh) and paid cash for a brand new roof (hallelujah). I have added trips to Nashville, the Florida Keys, the Gulf Coast to my list of travels and will be ringing in 2013 and celebrating our third anniversary in Paris. My heart has turned towards our little home and my deepest desire, particularly during the past few months, has been to create from this small house and our meager means a shelter from the harsh world in which we live.

Merry Christmas to my scattered handful of readers and sincerest wishes for the warmest and most lovely holiday imaginable.



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