Trip To-Dos

In two weeks we will be enjoying Christmas Eve parties with our families, albeit a little differently this year. We’ll also be trying to maintain our composure and control our excitement about our next big trip. Honestly, I can’t believe it’s snuck up on me this quickly. The anticipation of packing is one of my favorite things about travelling, but I’ve had very little time to prepare for this one.


Needless to say, I’ve got a super-long to-do list to accomplish during the next fourteen days.

  • Finish a Dickens research paper today, Research and Bibliography final Wednesday, and Prospectus sometime this week
  • Complete Christmas shopping
  • Meet my deadline on Friday
  • Contact airlines to confirm flights and select seats (if possible this late)
  • Contact frequent flier programs to confirm hotel reservations
  • Scan and email passports
  • Pre-purchase Louvre, Vatican, and Versailles tickets
  • Find Cody comfortable, leather, semi-warm shoes (and good socks)
  • Finalize packing list and pack backpacks
  • Purchase batteries and SD cards
  • Figure out which purse/ bag will work best and pack
  • Buy airport snacks (jerky, candy, drink mixes, dried fruit, etc.)
  • Buy a water bottle
  • Call credit/ debit cards to inform them of overseas purchases
  • Get oil changed in my car for drive to ATL
  • Research and print public transport directions for each city
  • Make list of contact info for all parents
  • Pay all bills that will be due while we are gone


I’m sure this list will grow, not shrink, as we near our departure date. More than anything, I’m looking forward to spending ten days with my husband, away from all the messes that we’ve been dealing with during the past months. I want to sleep late in our cheap hotel rooms, take lots of pictures, eat yummy food, and, most importantly, take our time. No rushing around to see everything. We need rest, relaxation, and spectacular views.


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