Thrift Seeds = Garden Excitement

I just happened to stop by a different thrift store than usual today. I picked up a $3 lighted Christmas wreath and a $.99 nativity set and was just about to check-out when a Rubbermaid container of colorful envelopes caught my eye. Chock full of Burpee seeds. I resisted the urge to dig in until I asked the price. $.10 per packet! I went a little crazy.

All were marked for 2012, meaning they’ll be perfect for next spring if stored in the freezer. Many are organic. Here’s what I got for about $5.50:

(5) sweet corn, two varieties

(8) bush garden beans, six varieties

(3) organic brocolli

(3) snap peas, two varieties

(2) cabbage, one red, one organic

(2) early peas

(5) lettuce, five varieties

(1) mesclun mix

(3) carrots, three varieties, one organic

(2) bell peppers

(4) summer squash, three varieties, one organic

(3) cucumber, three varieties, one organic

(1) organic Roma tomato

(2) radish, two varieties

(1) onion

(1) eggplant, organic

(2) spinach

(1) watermelon, organic

(3) basil, three varieties, one organic

(2) chives, two organic varieties

(1) parsley, organic

(1) stevia

(2) sunflower

(1) columbine flower

(1) shasta daisey flower

I really wasn’t aware than onions could be grown from seeds, but for a dime, we’ll give them a try.

Most of the packets in the bin were veggies, but I did manage to find a couple sunflowers and a few other flowers. Another lady grabbed a pack of marigolds but I never saw another.

I’m very excited about this one!

I was able to get all the basics for the Alabama garden (corn, beans, squash) plus some interesting varieties to experiment with. Although we don’t really eat corn anymore, I love a raw ear in the summer time. The chickens will enjoy it, too.

This was a huge score! I’ve got plenty to keep us productive and will give some packets to my parents who have had a successful garden for as long as I can remember. Now, maybe I can find a comparable deal on a tiller before spring.


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