Thrifting for Fall

Want to see a happy lady? Give me twenty bucks and an hour to spend in a thrift store. At this point, I estimate that 80% of my wardrobe is thrifted or hand-me-downs. I love to shop as much as any other girl, but I now go to regular stores primarily for inspiration. Tonight, I was feeling a little stressed (yesterday was my last day at work and Monday is my first official day of self-employment) and needed a little retail therapy. Many of my fall pieces are several years old (you might see some in high school yearbook photos) and I wanted a couple of new items to wear this year.

Magellan thermal shirt

Yellow and pint cotton blouse. Great under my denim jacket.

The above blouse is from Gap! Haven’t purchased anything there in years.

Cute thermal t-shirt

I love the sleeves on this white blouse.

It was from Ann Taylor Loft. Nice.

This is most definitely going to be my favorite skirt this fall.

It has a precious eyelet layer underneath.

Not the most popular brand anymore, but still nice and something I would never purchase outright. I guess this would be considered a slurge at $6.88.

Pretty linen skirt.

Judging from the tag, this shirt was made in the 70s or 80s. It’s really fallish. I also purchased this skirt tonight. It’s an Old Navy jersey knit that’s super comfortable.

I’m a big fan of these short-sweaters. Alabama sweaters.

Dark green is one of my favorite colors to wear. This is a Walmart brand blouse but it is in excellent condition and cost $.50.

Love this color!

Banana Republic! I think I’ve been in there once in my entire life.

This is another Magellan shirt. It’s the kind with UV protection and a flap on the back for air flow. Great for outdoor activities.

I’m not usually a fan of cap sleeve and this looks a little springy but it is oh so cute.

All in all, I spend $60.00. In addition to all this, I got several other articles of clothing and some cleaning supplies. Did I need to spend $60.00 tonight? No? But isn’t this stuff adorable?


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