I detest coffee almost as much as I detest getting out of my cozy bed in the morning. Cody, however, has developed a fondness for coffee during the past couple of years. I purchased a $4.00 single cup coffee maker at a Black Friday sale last year and we use it almost every morning. It has been sitting in a corner of my counter with the giant tub of Folger’s, my neighbor’s borrowed dishes, and odds and ins that didn’t quite make it to the junk drawer below. I decided that I would spruce up the corner in an effort to make the mornings that I selfishly sleep in a little more pleasant for my husband. Here’s what I came up with…

The lamp has always been in this location as it is near one of my few outlets. I’ve had the picture since our wedding shower and it’s hung on a nearby wall since we moved in. The chapel bird house was donated by my mother and is sitting on a stack of cookbooks.

I love Arthur Court’s grapevine collection and this tray is one of several pieces I have in my kitchen. The mugs are from our set of dishes. The apothecary jar is actually plastic and was given to me by a neighbor filled with candies.

What was once a cluttered corner now looks nice and will hopefully make my husband’s mornings a little more peaceful. As we approach fall, I am getting the urge to re-arrange and re-decorate, as I always do when the seasons change. Tomorrow is Labor Day and I plan to continue my spiffing up. More photos to come.


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