Our Next Adventure

I finally made use of our frequent flier mile stash.

We will be leaving the day after Christmas and will first spend a few days in Rome, then will whip over to Paris to ring in the New Year and celebrate our third anniversary. Can you say… ROMANTIC?

This trip is still in the initial stages of planning. Only our flights have been booked; however, I have enough miles left over on Delta and United to quite possibly cover the entire cost of our accomodations in inexpensive hotels, which are just fine with us. I’ll also have to purchase two one-way tickets from Rome to Paris on a cheap European line like Easy Jet or Ryan Air, but these should only set me back around $200.

So, here’s the deal I was able to get. In order to keep us both on the same plane at all times, I had to purchase 10,000 miles from American Airlines, which still came out incredibly cheaper than buying a second ticket.

December 26th departing flight:    Atlanta –>New York ( 11 hour layover so plenty of time to explore) –> London –> Rome

January 4th returning flight:          Paris –> Frankfurt, Germany –> Atlanta

Total monetary cost including all taxes and reservation fees: $725 for both

I did a quick search of similiar flight options for those dates on www.kayak.com. The total of the cheapest flights was $5136! That’s a savings of almost 86%!


Now, what is it that you’re doing?

What I “do”:

  • pray
  • nurture my relationship with my husband and daily think of ways I can improve my most prized possession, my marriage
  • read
  • write
  • think
  • learn
  • do my best to be available for my parents and family at all times should they my help in anything
  • complete assignments for graduate courses as I prepare to write a thesis on cultural linguistics in the eighteenth century
  • prepare at least one, if not two or three, meals at home each day
  • make plans to achieve our financial goals
  • look for ways to be frugal
  • talk to my neighbors
  • work
  • travel
  • make travel plans
  • hang clothes on the line

To many people’s dismay, there is no single verb that labels what I “do.”