We Live in a Doll’s House

At least according to most people’s perception of a normal sized one family dwelling. This post has two purposes. One is to share some “before” images of our home prior to getting started with all of our projects. The second purpose is to share with you my contentment with our tiny house. There is a strong counter-cultural movement surrounding the wonders of living in a small home. Like us, many people have realized that a home does not need to sprawl to be comfortable.

10 Reasons to Live in a Tiny House

1. Small house, small rent, small mortgage. Enough said.

2. Low utility bills. Our water bill is typically around $35.00 per month, including a garbage fee of $10.00. We are on budget billing with Alabama Power, meaning that our electricity usage is evaluated about four times per year and our payment is averaged. This monthly payment is usually $130.00, give or take a few depending on the season. It has been as low as $92.00 per month.

3. I never have to look for or holler for my husband. He is always in one of our four rooms, all of which are conveniently arranged in a circle, making walk-throughs quick.

4. No stairs, no garage, no attic space. Less distance to haul laundry.

5. Cleaning is very quick. I can do a late night sweep in 5 minutes. Mopping takes 15-20 tops. I can dust all of my furniture during a commercial break.

6. Because I have less rooms, I need less furniture and decoration. If I want to make a change, it is usually pretty cheap. One or two new items makes a big impact in a small space.

7.We spend a good deal of time outside. We don’t have an in-home theater, rec room, or garage full of junk to play with. We spend time outdoors in our yard almost every evening. I love breakfast on my front porch much better than at our tiny bar in the kitchen.

8. Low insurance costs. Our renter’s insurance was $18.00 per month. I recently obtained a quote for home owner’s insurance from the same company: $650 per year or approximately an extra $55.00 on our mortgage payment.

9. If I had a giant bathroom with a beautiful, inviting bathtub, I would absolutely waste at least an hour in there every single day.

10. I’m forced to be organized. I don’t like my home to feel cluttered. We have plenty of storage, believe it or not, as long as I make regular trips to the thrift store donation drop-off.


Here we are. 857 square feet of paradise.

 Think: metal roof, window boxes overflowing with sweet potato vines, much needed shrubbery, a screen door that closes.

Shall you be a blue door, a red door, or a green door? Certainly not a white door!

I recently re-arranged my living room so that there is more open space when you walk in from the front door.

Our living room. Plenty of seating room for a couple of guests. We also typically eat in this room.

(By the way, the loveseat was $35.00 at a thrift store and the sofa, that just so happens to match perfectly, was already in the house when we move here. The piece of furniture out tv is on, far left, was graciously given to me by my boss when we moved offices. Thus, I have never purchased a living room suite.)

Into the kitchen. Quite large for this size of a house. Plenty of cabinets and counter space. I do much of my writing at the bar. The island is movable but I prefer it in the center. The color is a little dark for me. I see a coating of off-white in this room’s near future. New, darker countertops someday.

In the extra room is also my laundry closet. Really, folks, this is all you need.

Our small but not impossibly tiny bathroom. Yes, the one and only bathroom. It makes the marriage stronger.

Behind the mirror is a full-sized closet. Very convenient.

In the reflection you can see the shower area behind me. No tub. The only disappointment.

The back of our house looking a little junky.

This area will eventually be a large deck. the window to the right in the picture will become a door that leads to the extra room. The double windows are above my kitchen sink. It is so pleasant to have a nice view as I scrub dishes.

Our mini back porch. Another convenient feature. But, oh, how we need some permanent shrubbery around here!

And all of this will be ours. Plus much more that doesn’t fit in one picture. Fence is coming down. Half-tree is getting chain-sawed. Storage building will be removed. Large garden. Chicken coop. Rock fire-pit surrounded by Adirondacks. Perfection.






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