House Update

Our landlord came over today to show us the property lines and chit chat about a purchase price. It turns out that the lot on which our house sits is quite a bit wider than we thought. In fact, because of where we have been cutting our grass and an oddly placed ditch, a good chunk of what appears to be our neighbor’s yard will actually be ours. The property behind our house extends 980 feet up a sloping hill covered in hardwoods. In total, we will be purchasing 2.3 acres along with our tiny house. In numbers, this doesn’t seem like a great deal of land. When standing in the middle of it, surrounded by hundreds of hundred-year-old trees, its seems like a whole lot to be owner of at the insignificant age of twenty-two. We also discussed with our landlord potential hiccups in the appraisal and inspection process (the house was built in 1940), the location of the septic tank, fence lines, the condition of the roof, and the possibility of building a home further back on the property in the future. This is the perfect place for us, do doubt.

Being that we have already lived here over two years and are family friends with the owner, the financial aspect of our conversation was a little awkward. He eventually spit out a price and we were pleasantly surprised to find that it was almost identical to what we wanted, but didn’t necessarily expect, to pay for the place. As it stands, we will be paying $45,000 for our home. Now, we must wait for the invisible beings who control mortgages, appraisals, and interest rates and hold our breath that everything will go smoothly and quickly.

Although I am hesitant and nervous to be saddled with a mortgage, the amount we are paying for our home will be less than what most people pay for their SUVs. Our mortgage payment will be approximately the same amount as our current rent payment. Lord willing, we will be mortgage-free before we are 30.

I cannot wait to chronicle our tiny house’s transformation, both inside and out, and all the projects that are sure to accompany being stewards of 2.3 beautiful acres of space. We are blessed beyond measure.


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