We’re Home!


 Do you see this? This is what I will get to gaze upon as I wash dishes for the foreseeable future. After much prayer, hope, skepticism, and anxiety, our landlord informed us on Friday that our little house was for sale only to us.

Do you see this bedroom? This is the room in which I will sleep many years.


I have been wanting to swap bedrooms for months but didn’t want to waste the energy if we were to be moving soon. After the glorious news that we received on Friday, I got busy.  

 What a beautiful, peaceful place. I am so thankful that this house will now be our permanent home.

 There are no words to express how relieved Cody was to find out that we would not, and may never, have to move.

 We so love our tiny house.

 I have been compiling a list of projects for almost two years now. It is going to be a very busy summer around here. This was my first one.

We have yet to sit down with our landlord to discuss a price. Nevertheless, this is the most reasonable and responsible option for us. I doubt that our mortgage will be much more than our rent payment. It could easily be trippled. There is an option for us to purchase an additional two and a half acres behind our house, which we hope to be able to do. I am now in super saver mode in preparation for the oncoming mortgage, new roof, monstrous deck, tiller, lawn mower, chicken coop, and all the other stuff we can have now that this will be ours.





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