First Quarter of 2012

Let’s see. We are now $18,000 in debt , I recently broke down after receiving a not-so-considerate letter from the U.S. Department of Education regarding my student loans, and I foresee us purchasing a house by the end of summer.

My car broke. Again. I mean my old car. I have a brand new one now. Note: Avoid car dealerships at all costs. Never again. This thing better last FOREVER. Luckily, we were able to squeeze this car payment into Cody’s monthly income, leaving mine for savings and extra expenses. That’s how I want things to be.

About that letter. It caused me to throw things off my front porch, loudly state that I am anti-education (more on that later), and curse the U.S. Department of Education’s call center (not that they didn’t deserve it). Now, I knew that I would have to eventually repay my TEACH grant if I chose not to teach. I was okay with that proposition and knew the exact amount that I would be responsible for. Then I receive a friendly letter from the U.S. Dept. of Ed. that includes a worst case scenario total that was not labeled as such. Apparently, the $6,500 that I was awarded for my graduate studies will turn into $16,500, although the friendly call center representative was not able to explain how or why. I can’t even go there yet.

I have finally come to the realization that the $375.00 that we spend each month on rent would serve a better purpose if it was being put towards something we would actually own in the future. Now that we both have stable jobs, I am more at peace with the prospect of a small mortgage. I mean $50,000 tops. I want it paid off within four to five years. We have $8,500 in the bank for a down-payment on something. So, we recently asked our landlord if he would consider selling our current home to us. He hasn’t got back with us yet. I’m a nervous wreck. I do not cope well without predictable outcomes. More on this later.


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