Decisions, Decisions

This month’s issue of National Geographic features an article on Vermillion Cliffs National Monument in Arizona and Utah. Let’s just say it appears to be AMAZING. I immediately showed the article to Cody and started Googling information for our next adventure. It just so happens that UAB Outdoor Pursuits, the group I went to Montana with back in August, is offering a trip to this exact location, along with the Grand Canyon, next month. $350. Oh snap.

My blossoming freelance writing hobby has turned out to be a pretty lucrative endeavor. In January along I was able to make approximately $200 extra dollars. I have already discussed with Cody the option of saving this money for a couple of months to purchase a really nice camera.

Now, I have the difficult task of deciding between a nine-day trip to the desert southwest or a really awesome new camera with which to take pictures of such cool destinations. This dilemma assumes, of course, that I would be able to take off of work for an entire week with only a month’s notice. And it also ignores the fact that this trip would actually cost about $1000 once the lost pay and supplies are added. And I really want Cody to experience these places with me. The decision is becoming clearer. What a useful post this was!


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